Schoen Movement Company seeks to:

  1. Unite people from different demographics through movement, and in doing so, elicit moments of joy, reflection, and perspective on our shared humanity
  2. Continually explore inventive and fresh avenues of dance performance, that make dance more adapted to modern society and forward the field as a whole.
  3. Be a model of economic fairness and transparency within the dance community.
  4. Support aspiring dancers and the future of the field by offering master classes, teaching residencies, and setting repertory.



On May 12th, Emily Schoen of Schoen Movement Company will be co teaching a master class for Boston Area dancers with Rebecca McCormac of CoreDance.

Schoen Movement, CoreDance Masterclass Flyer_Dance Complex.jpg

Schoen Movement Company is excited to begin the creative process next month for a new duet with Jack Blackmon and AJ Parr. The piece will premier in Pentacle Presents: The Gallery Boston on May 11th-12th at The Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA.

Tickets can be found here. Or respond that you'll be attending though Facebook.

Schoen Movement Company will be showcasing work with

Pentacle: Gallery Artists at APAP | NYC
Sunday, Jan 14th
New York City Center, Studio 4

Schoen Movement Co APAP 2018.jpg

With support from the US Embassy in Tunis, Dance Motion USA / Brooklyn Academy of Music, American Dance Abroad and our local community, Schoen Movement Company held residence in Tunis, Tunisia September 30 - October 15th 2017.  The company taught daily professional classes through local partner, L’association Hayyou’Raqs, and collaborate with a small cast of local dancers on a new piece.

US Embassy DOS icon.jpg
American Flag.png

All of the local dancers are ones who Emily met during her tour to Tunisia with Keigwin + Company / Dance Motion USA in March.

Our performance in Tunisia was broadcasted via all over the world thanks to DanceMotionUSA/BAM! This collaboration with Schoen Movement Company and local Tunisian professionals has been remarkable.

"Here We Are"
Saturday October 14th
2:00pm EST

joes pub.jpg

On Saturday, Sept 9th, Brandon Cournay and Emily Schoen performed a quirky little duet "Robotic Love" at Joe's Pub / DanceNOW.

Meet the festival host, Deb Lohse "TruDee"!

In August, Emily Schoen went back to her hometown in Wisconsin to teach at Accent on Dance Studios. She had a blast contributing to the community where she grew up dancing!


Schoen Movement Company rep went all the way to Iowa in July for the Open Doors Dance Festival, where we presented an evening of duets with much joy, and spent the remainder of the week teaching and creating with students. Check out a clip below (which includes snippets of the duet we created live on stage).

In May, Schoen Movement Company went to Houston where we created a new work for METdance. The piece "the grounding place." features an original score by Glen Fittin and costume design by Márion Talán of Juilliard.

On December 14th, Schoen Movement Company presented an evening of dance performance at the iconic Brooklyn Brewery. The evening featured guest companies LoudHoundMovement and B.S Movement. Check out our video highlights of the evening below, as well as Dance Magazine's nice review.

It was a true Brooklyn party, just with better dancing.
— Jennifer Stahl, Editor-in-Chief Dance Magazine

Emily Schoen was named an Artist-In-Residence for the Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning for Fall 2016! The residency is awarded through Exploring the Metropolis and is supported by the Mertz Gilmore Foundation, among others. It supports the creation of a new work in an underutilized space. Check out highlights of our new piece "Thou Mayest," inspired by John Steinbeck's book, East of Eden.

For the month of August, Schoen Movement Company was in residence at Mid-Pacific in Honolulu, creating a new piece on the students. Dancing in paradise and squeezing in beach time. Aloha!

On July 27th, we returned to Jacob's Pillow Inside/Out to premiere a dance titled "Man, Woman, and Violin" in the mixed bill evening, "Dances for Two." Tyler Philips and Emily Schoen collaborated with Concertmaster of Les Mis on Broadway, Maria Kistner Conti, in a duet for three.

In May, we produced our first performance evening in NYC. Titled, "Big Dance in Small Spaces," it integrated an evening of dance into an evening out. Featuring dance vignettes sprinkled around a brewery, frequent drink breaks, and a pop-up food vendor, it was quite the Happy hour. Forgive the pun :)

Check out our highlight video:

Schoen Movement Company was featured in Inside Arts Magazine in the Spring 2016 issue for our packed APAP showing! Check it out!